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The Battery Experts

Kronus Engineering is focused on large format battery systems. These systems can range from small battery packs for Robotics or UAV all the way up to large scale systems with MegaWatt-Hours of storage for buildings or small communities. 

We can be engaged at any step of your project process. Our expertise does not end at the battery level, but extends all the way to full system designs, manufacturing, and software development. 

Typically, our clients begin with a system scoping exercise to figure out what the true needs of the battery pack are.  When everything is well defined and understood by all sides, we move to the initial system diagrams to see how the battery pack will interact with the rest of the system.  The next step is to develop full scale schematics to make sure the pack is safe and will function properly.  Once all the components are chosen, a 3D model is created that will soon be manufactured. During the assembly process our safety trained technicians take time to carefully assemble and wire the system.  Depending on the system requirements, the testing process can be anywhere from one day to multiple months.  The product is then carefully packaged and shipped out.

In addition to building customized battery systems, Kronus also has a range of scalable battery products that can be adjusted to meet your energy storage needs.

Get in touch to see how we can help you along your roadmap to success. 

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